Club Insights's Products & Services

If you can’t measure it – you can’t manage it!
Our business intelligence tools focus on every touch point you have with your members. Learn ways to innovate and improve your operating processes to increase member satisfaction.

Manager tools include:

  • Member Satisfaction Research
  • Action Plan
  • Quick Peek
  • Employee Culture Research
  • Online Hospitality Training

Member Satisfaction Research

Experience what Norm Spitzig of Master Club Advisors calls, “The BEST business intelligence tools for Club leaders in the private club industry today.”

It isn’t just a survey, it is ACTIONABLE RESEARCH. Why? Because we go way beyond just giving you performance information. Through our sophisticated data analysis software, we do performance/importance reports for your club that identifies specifically what matters most to your members and how you are performing in these areas. Are you and your board considering making an capital improvement? Do you know what effect this improvement will have on your members’ satisfaction? Our research can give you the precise answer to this question.

Action Planning

We don’t end our research process by just giving you the results. Using our sophistacted action planning software, we will develop an action plan with your club based on your greatest areas of need using the best practices across the industry!

Quick Peeks

Keep a pulse on the operations of your club through QuickPeek. We can set up quick peeks to gain member insight and feedback on the following areas throughout the year:

  • Golf Course
  • Dining
  • Pro Shop
  • Pool
  • Tennis
  • Fitness

Employee Culture Research

Are your employees creating the kind of culture your members want? Our employee culture research tool will identify what kind of culture you are fostering at your club among your staff and identify how this lines up with your goals.